Shah Malum Foundation UK

General Rules of Shah Malum Foundation Founder

  1. All activities of SHAMALUM FOUNDATION UK will be conducted on the basis of the opinion of the honourable financier.
  2. The minimum contribution of FOUNDATION is one thousand pounds and if you give more, you will get more reward, In Sha Allah.
  3. We will have this money (Qarz-e-Hasna loan) as a deposit in the foundation.
  4. If you need to get your money back, you need to give a minimum 3 months notice (except for some special circumstance ) and the full money is refundable.
  5. If you want to join again, you can join at any time with a minimum donation of one thousand pounds as before.
  6. The capital of the money deposited in the foundation will be deposited as a deposit at all times, But the entire benefit of the money deposited will be spent on the welfare of the poor, miserable and helpless people of the society. But it will be based on everyone's opinion.
  7. The main purpose of the foundation is to work in the way of Allah in the support of the poor and oppressed people. Inshallah, in the future, all the rules and regulations of the foundation will be decided in stages. Undoubtedly, all the activities will be conducted on the basis of the foundation regulation.

My humbly request to all of you for help and cooperation in this noble cause.

Helal Uddin Khan
07508 411291
Shahmalum Foundation UK